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Your voice joined with Mukti's, maximizes the impact possible for those trapped by poverty in India!

You can make a difference
for women and children in India.
passion for change in their lives
drives others to bring change.
voice, within your sphere of influence,
joins with Mukti Mission's
broadcasting of the
Social Ambassadors Initiative
to provide Hope, Healing, and Life
to abandoned, rejected,
and discouraged women and children.

Help transform and 
empower lives
through your 
Shout About Mukti!

Being a Mukti Ambassador
engages you
by highlighting Mukti's work on your social pages.
Your voice will
resonate with your peers
on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn
empowerment of women and children.

Join Mukti by being a 
champion for empowerment through the power
of your social media sphere of influence!


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Your investments bring hope, healing, and life to women and children in India.

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Now more than ever, to survive poverty the women and children of India need people like you to stand up on their behalf to bring transformative empowerment.


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